Photo Credits

Point Betsie Lighthouse Contributing Photographers:

Special thanks to the photographers who are regularly contributing to Point Betsie Lighthouse on social media, at the museum, or on this website. Your creative talents and time are strengthening the education effort and the preservation of this light station. We appreciate your support:


Jay Burt,
Walk Softly Photos




Gary R. Ennis,
Gary R. Ennis Photos



Tom George Davison,
TG Davison Photography


Dominique King,
Midwest Guest



Mark Lindsay,
Mark Lindsay Photography




Steve Loveless,
Steve Loveless Photography



Mara MacKay,
Point Betsie Lighthouse


John McCormick,
Michigan Nut Photography


Jeff Wier,
Point North Photography




Tracy Kortman,
Tracy Kortman Photography

Justine Montigny,
Justine Montigny




















If you are an artist or a photographer and you are interested in becoming more involved at Point Betsie Lighthouse, we encourage you to consider membership or to visit Point Betsie for special events, including art, history and educational offerings that occur at Point Betsie Lighthouse during the regular operating season from May-October